Pepijn van der Sande

Pepijn has turned into an experienced composer and lyricist over the past few years. When listening to Pepijn, one feels that this young upcoming talent is very keen on getting the story of a song across. His use of variations and improvisations serve the better understanding of the lyrics and the emotional content of the song. Singers such as Jon Hendricks, Mark Murphy, José James and all time favorite Stevie Wonder are his true source of inspiration.

Apart from the Voice of Monk and other groups, he is one of the leading members of the 7-piece vocal group New Amsterdam Voices. They have released there debut CD in 2015 at the BIMhuis, Amsterdam.

Pepijnvan der Sande


Iman Spaargaren on sax, clarinet and bass clarinet:

“Melody and lyricism are strong features of saxophonist and composer Iman Spaargaren. With clear expositions he wanders on paths leading to adventure”

Jan Jasper Tamboer, het Parool, 2013.

Iman Spaargaren jazzmusician 2015


Guillermo Celano on guitar:

“Celano spices his cohesive compositions with stylistic quirks, creating intensely melodic and refreshing frameworks for improvisation – a rare gift…”Amsterdamse Chacarera” mixes chacarera with Dutch new jazz – Argentine melancholy and nuevo tango make for a surging apotheosis of dance”.

The Wire. Andy Hamilton, United Kingdom, july 2015

Guillermo Celano


Stijn de Wit
As a performing musician Stijn is keen on embracing a broad spectrum of different styles of jazz: modern experimental jazz, free improvisation, traditional jazz and bebop. In recent years he played in groups of among others pianists Casper Tromp, Avishai Darash, trumpeter Rob Kite and singers Nadine Strang and Beatrice van de Poel.
With international progressive jazz quintet ‘Larchey Zore & his Cheerful Cheerfuls’ he won the semi-finals of the Dutch Jazz Award (2012) and the semi-finals of the Keep an Eye Jazz Award (2013).
stijn closeup

Jurjen Bakker on drums:

Drummer Jurjen Bakker is actively involved in modern and contemporary jazzgroups such as QUINCEY, Thelonious4, Los Hollanditos and Zandscape.

 “If drums would be ice creams, Jurjen would be the fridge”

El Pais, March 14the 2006

foto jurjen\